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Past Fulfillments

May 22, 2008

Wonder Shade Tree at FurmanIn the mid 90’s I began my Internet career, not an official company mind you but began my journey of design web sites and related services for friends and family before going setting up a full-fledged business. Some of the early challenges involved not having all the technology needed to photography and other items. They were digital cameras at the time but nothing like what we have today. At that time I didn’t have a way of getting images into my home computer. I didn’t have a scanner or digital camera and had to resort finding free images or umm what I thought were freely available on the Internet and make enough edits to make them my own so to speak.

Times have changed and I not only have a good digital SLR but also an older digital camera, an iPhone which has a digital camera on it, my laptop has a digital camera built in as well as having a scanner and access to official freely or fairly inexpensive digital content online.

Where does this lead? I have set up a collection on my Flickr account called, Past Fulfillments. In this collection I will feature images I wish I could have photographed digitally before I had access to the technology and who knows I may actually bring back the projects they were intended for in one way or the other.

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