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Past Fulfillments

May 22, 2008

Wonder Shade Tree at FurmanIn the mid 90’s I began my Internet career, not an official company mind you but began my journey of design web sites and related services for friends and family before going setting up a full-fledged business. Some of the early challenges involved not having all the technology needed to photography and other items. They were digital cameras at the time but nothing like what we have today. At that time I didn’t have a way of getting images into my home computer. I didn’t have a scanner or digital camera and had to resort finding free images or umm what I thought were freely available on the Internet and make enough edits to make them my own so to speak.

Times have changed and I not only have a good digital SLR but also an older digital camera, an iPhone which has a digital camera on it, my laptop has a digital camera built in as well as having a scanner and access to official freely or fairly inexpensive digital content online.

Where does this lead? I have set up a collection on my Flickr account called, Past Fulfillments. In this collection I will feature images I wish I could have photographed digitally before I had access to the technology and who knows I may actually bring back the projects they were intended for in one way or the other.


Things that make me tick

April 17, 2008

We have all heard the term or question, “What makes you tick?” I know at times I can be a mystery to a lot of people. If you think you know me by the computer I use, church I go to, house I live or business I run you may know a little bit about me but I’m unsure if any of those give a full picture of my personality, what I value and what interests me. I think about this “ticking” thing a lot because I do wonder how I come across but maybe this list will help out and also inspire me to write some future posts as well;

* I’m an “information hound” – I love keeping up with current events by reading the news, I listen to talk radio (both conservative talk and NPR – take that demographic people), podcasts and reading blogs
* I love to be organized even though I don’t always put it in practice
* I love photography and strive to perfect it as an art
* I go to a traditional, reformed, Presbyterian church but deep down I am more contemporary
* I prefer the music I listen to have soul, no matter the genre. I don’t care much of anything from the 90’s, 80’s were fun, like 70’s rock, 60’s Motown, big band, Classical, Bluegrass
* I like to know where I am in the process, I hate working on a project with blinders on.
* I love animals, especially dogs – for example see my photos of my last pet Darby who died last year and our current dog, Abby.
* I hate the “party system” of government. Ideally I’m more libertarian, generally vote conservative and get extremely frustrated when my views on government and the rest of my life conflict.
* I love Apple computers but my “standards” are more Internet based. I think all file formats, etc. should be open to the greatest audience possible.
* I prefer long walks in the mountains as opposed to long walks on the beach because I like the diversity in views and elevation but I do like a beach walk at sunrise or sunset.
* A lot of my favorite shows or movies are in the sci-fi genre but it’s not the whiz bang effects that attract me. It’s always how well a story is told in a clever way.
* I am sentimental to the extreme, be it my first computer experiences, when I first got our dog, or memories of family and friends.
* I find the oddest things funny. If you want me to laugh do a clever twist on language and say something unexpected. Good examples include Steven Wright and Jack Handy.
* I love spicy food. Salsa, Tabasco Sauce, Hot Chinese Food and I go crazy with a pepper grinder on my food
* I love coffee but it has to be freshly ground from the beans, both black and green tea
* Favorite food include Salmon, broccoli, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Lemon Pepper Chicken, good bar-b-que, pizza, water with lemon and ice cream.
* Technology in general – I love gadgets, computers and reading about the latest programming languages, etc.
* I’m oddly ambidextrous. I can only write with my left hand and can only throw or carry a lot of stuff with my right hand.
* I hate thinking about house work and yard work I need to do but strangely I have a hard time stopping once I start!
* I’m really reserved when you first meet me. You might even think I’m being stand offish but really once you do get to know me we can develop a deep friendship.

So, did anything I said surprise you? If you know me is it pretty much what you expect? Do some things I mentioned not fit into a box you like?